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Sfd Uncut: Nils Mindnich



Snowboarding News | Thursday December 31, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Last winter Nils Mindnich joined The SNOWBOARDER Movie crew for the second time. After a season spent filming for Foreword, Nils approached his sophomore full part with new experience and an even deeper array of tricks, if that is even possible. Nils, along with his brother Hans, have been part of the SNOWBOARDER Mag family for a long time. They have been stand outs at SNOWBOARDER’s events ever since they debuted their Green Mountain-grown riding at The Launch at Keystone years ago; they’ve been straight fucking down since they were too young to travel to these events on their own. As the years have gone by, Nils’ snowboarding has turned many heads due to his innate, classic style and easy way of throwing tricks. The middle Mindnich is as cool and calculated as he is ballsy and bombastic when strapped in, floating methods off hips the highest and making gymnast-like grabs look fluid and easy. While filming for SFD–and it is worth nothing that his filming started only after his fall semester engineering courses ended–Nils spent much of his time pilfering pow in steeper territory across the U.S. and Canada, but a rogue trip to New England let loose the rarer-seen side of this Stowe-raised rider, Urban Nils, who possesses an affinity for spinning onto metal switch and making it also look way too easy. While Urban Nils doesn’t make an appearance all that often, his street shots are just as proper as his backcountry ones and we look forward to more of both in the future. Enjoy Nils’ SFD Uncut, containing his glut of raw clips from the past season spent filming.

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