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Sfd Uncut: Jake Welch



Snowboarding News | Friday December 25, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

For Christmas we thought we’d give you something special and let you have a look at our movie closer, Jake Welch’s raw footy from The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD. Watching all of Jake’s footage, it becomes evident really quick why this Utah-raised rider is your favorite snowboarder’s favorite snowboarder. Not only is Jake one of the most well-rounded riders that exists, but on top of that, he’s one of the most positive and motivated people in the game. The 2014-15 season had him jumping from jib crews with Pat Moore and Jeremy Jones to spending long hauls in Europe with Bryan Fox, Blake Paul, and Sage Kotsenburg and in each instance he logged plenty of hammer shots, all stacked with a classic, proper style. Plain and simple, Jake stomps the shit everything he points it toward. Not a lot needs to be said for Ride’s all around tranny killer, lauded GOAT, and the very deserving recipient of the ending part in our movie, because really, Welch’s riding speaks for itself. We hope you enjoy Jake’s raw clips from The Snowboarder Movie: SFD.

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