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Sfd Uncut Iikka Backstrom



Snowboarding News | Friday November 20, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Wherever he goes, Iikka Backstrom is the life of the party and the go-to leader of the crew. For years this Wild Cat has patrolled the slopes of Whistler from first chair to last call, becoming one of the foremost backcountry riders in snowboarding. While filming for The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD, Iikka spent the past winter chasing non-existent snowfall in North America. The quest for fresh precipitation took him all the way to the powder-packed forests of Asahidake, Japan as well as the snow-covered peaks of the European Alps. From pillows to cliffs, rooftops to powder kickers, while watching this Finn’s footy from last season, you’d never know it had been such a chore to find good snow. If watching IIkka rip through bottomless pow in the forests of Japan doesn’t make you want to strap in go shredding right now than we don’t know what will. Sit back and enjoy the endless style this Scandinavian brought to the filming of SFD.

With every video and video part that drops there are countless shots and endless moments that never see the light of day and The SNOWBOARDER Movie: SFD was no exception. Sometimes, some of the rider’s favorite shots or filmer’s favorite angles don’t always make the final cut. Whether they didn’t quite fit in the song, another angle was used, or a certain trick was done again, there’s always great stuff that is talked about by the riders and people involved, but other than that, it’s as if it never existed.

This year, we decided to tap into the computers and pull out everyone’s unedited timelines and hunt down the treasures that, for whatever reason, didn’t make it in or were cut short. SFD Uncut will let you into the edit room and see more from every rider.

Music By Jason Bayne.

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