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September Sessions



Snowboarding News | Tuesday October 14, 2014 | Shared By: Yes Snowboards" alt="DCP.me_Sombrio Trail" width="640" height="426" />

In another life, born in another part of the country, DCP would have been a pro surfer. He spends at least 3 months a year at his second home in Costa Rica and will drop almost anything to hit Vancouver Island at the slightest hint of a winter swell. He also loves to skate any chance he can.

In another life, with only a slight shift in focus, Austen could likely have been a pro skater. His daily routine in Seattle begins with a meet-up at the local coffee brewers before hitting any number spots around that skate-rich city. He also loves to surf any chance he can.

With a Northern Hemi winter still a couple months out and the mystic combination of a solid west swell and sunny weather in the forecast, it only took a single text from DCP to get Austen loaded up and pointed North on the I5.

“Wait. Shit…..forgot my skate!”

U-Turn. Scramble. Back on the 5…

A couple hours later, and with the annoyingly predictable border hassle behind him, he snaked in the Twasassen Ferry terminal with minutes to spare and found himself parked 2 cars behind David and I in the lineup.

For the next two days we drove a lot of twisty roads, paddled for hours, surfed our brains out and slept about half as much as we needed. While the swell direction and timing never really lit up the point we had our eye’s on, we still scored overhead, clean lines at a few other solid breaks. Austen got a chance to check out a coastline he’s never seen and David proved to us again that it doesn’t matter – wetsuit or trunks, Canada or Costa Rica – he’s gonna stay out there longer than anyone.

The crowds where not surprising with this being the first real swell of the winter. Plenty of guys like us still have a couple months before the snow hits and the Internet reports have made sure no one misses an approaching swell anymore. Hopefully we get a few more of these trips in before powder missions and resort days keep us mainlanders occupied and locals finally get the lineups to themselves.


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