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Sean Busby Takes New Zeeland Back Country



Snowboarding News | Thursday September 24, 2009 | Shared By: Anarchy

From the start, New Zealand was looking like it was going to be loaded with the goods again for a second time in a row. An early season due to heavy snows and some of the earliest openings in years for the resort areas. Another expedition, this time as a guide, showing the overseas goldmine to a few hearty souls looking to strike it rich in the Kiwi backcountry. Too bad mother nature needs to play her course in the game every now and then. It is true that some things can be too good to be true. Shortly before arrival into the very friendly country of New Zealand, northwesterlies swept through and brought a destruction of nothing but wind loaded scoured snow and crust. Pockets of Armageddon land mined the back country playground of the Southern Alps from the Craigieburn Range down to the Remarkables. The red flag was raised and we were alert. We spent a good majority of time building test pits and studying crystals as we searched for the goods that were left. As a guide, baiting my lure with powder promises, I wasn't feeling as much personal heat anymore.

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