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Sarka Pancochova And Cheryl Maas In Shark Tales And Maas Attacks: Episode I



Snowboarding News | Wednesday March 23, 2016 | Shared By: Flow

Flow Snowboarding Global Professional Sarka Pancochova
and fellow pro snowboarder Cheryl Maas have been releasing a web series entitled Shark Tales and Maas Attacks. This web series covers their travels over the winter as they hop country to country for snowboarding competitions and searching the world's best mountains for an epic ride.

Pancochova is one of today’s most well rounded women’s snowboarders. Coming from the Czech Republic, she has made quite a name for herself. From her 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympic showings to her backcountry adventures, Pancochova has proven that she can hang with the best of them. Pancochova spends most of her time in Breckenridge Colorado when she is not on the road competing or filming.

Her good friend Mass is a world champion, Olympian, veteran pro snowboarder, family woman (wife and mother of two), and also an aspiring stunt lady. 

"Endeavoring to find a balance between life on the road and providing for her family," states the intro Shark Tales & Maas Attacks. "And then we got Sarka. Basically the only thing she needs to do is snowboard as hard as possible, and have the best time possible. A life of rock climbing, snowboarding and partying. This is the story of Cheryl and Sarka as they hit the road." 

Maas & Pancochova linked up with Single Cask Productions to create this very unique glimpse into life as a professional snowboarder. This is life on the road with Maas and Pancochova. Enjoy Episode 1 of Shark Tales and Maas Attacks as they visit Tirol, Austria. What's next after Austria for these ladies you ask...? For Episode 2 they'll be headed to Japan for some powder hunting in the trees.

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