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Snowboarding News | Tuesday December 25, 2012 | Shared By: Bonfire


After the world wide success with BLUE BALLS, we’re proud to present our second film for the season! LOW KEY features our favorite riders and lots of exclusive 2012 footage. The full film LOW KEY will – thanks to our presenter Burn and other associates, is now available for free stream and download – our x-mas gift to you!
STARRING: Jonthe Lindhe, Hans Åhlund, Zach Rawles, Jocke Rasmussen, Dominik Wagner, Felix Engström, Cees Wille, Klas Beyer, Eric Johansson, Jørn Simen, Jonas Steen, Viktor Björnström, Isak Björnström, Blayze Bramwell, Anton Bilare, Matic Zavodnik, Carro Degardh, Alex Haapamäki, Jared Jordan & more…
ASSOCIATES: Burn, Salomon Snowboards, Bonfire, SP, JSLV, Contour, & Haze
DIRECTED BY: Erik Lindhe
PRODUCED BY: Hans Åhlund & Eric Hörstedt

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