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Rip Timy Dutton



Snowboarding News | Wednesday April 30, 2014 | Shared By: Lib Technologies

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Timy Dutton, he was a great human and a ripping skier. Anyone who crossed paths with Timy, knows how enjoyable his attitude, and humor was. He will be missed by the whole Tahoe, Ski, and base community, but his spirit of ripping the shit out of lines, and monkeying around, will forever be honored! We will be doing some backflips for you Timy. Yip Yaoh!" class="attachment-thumbnail" alt="Timy Dutton. photo Daher/FWT" />

Photos by Tim Zimmerman

“It’s hard to believe this is real. You were an amazing friend, and one of my favorite people to ride with! You pushed us on, and off the slopes. Words can’t explain the love and respect I have for you! RIP brother!” ~Sammy Luebke

“I sure hope everyone in the mountains that knew Timy Dutton does a backflip today. I would if I could.” ~Tim Zimmerman

“…Hey Dudely ! The Ruber ducky! Timy Dutton Your shortcut tricks, your opinion, and perspective was always right around the corner if I needed help, even just a friend to watch Hulu with, or even the option to stay over for early POW. He had fun with everyone, all around the world. He used his comedy on the regular, and the respect he had towards others, was always comfortable to be around. Thank you Timy for all the Fun you injected into my life. I have so much gratitude for all the memories of me gasping for air during laughter. “aaaaah What type of gas do I use” ?” ~Colby James Albino

Here are some fun quotes from Timy shared to us by Colby.

“The Plan is simply not to have one.”

“Dudley lets jump off something.”

“I can give you a tattoo, I just bought a gun on ebay.”

“Why is it every time I see a helicopter I get a little bit of a hard on?”

“If you wait till the last minute, it only takes a minute.”

“Only the good die young..I better do more bad shit.”

“They actually pay me good, and I don’t think they really know about it.. haha Euro’s”

“You don’t know about youporn?… Dudely!”

“Hey Dudely, I need to use your budget I’m out.”

“This guy is a dipstick, Colby ? You should help him.”

“Who ever invented donut-holes needs a high five.”

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