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Ride Snowboards X Superpark 20



Snowboarding News | Monday May 23, 2016 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

A little unseasonable spring weather has never been a thing for Minnosota-bred Dan Liedahl whose industrious mentality and casual style know no bounds of pernicious precipitation. When Danimals touched down in Mammoth with filmer Jake Durham to join his Ride Snowboards teammates Brandon Davis, Spencer Davis, and Yuki Kadono at Superpark 20, he immediately began dodging snowflakes as he decimated both creeped-out metal and bmx tranny, all the while cool, calm and collected. Meanwhile, just a little higher in elevation but still beneath chair 10, Mammoth locals Brandon and Spencer, along with Yuki braved behemouth gaps as they pointed it down the run-ins of the Boreal step-up and Mammoth hip, deftly hucking high overhead and proving that they, too, don’t falter with a little winter weather in early May, even when it comes to 70-plus-foot jumps. It’s just under two minutes of more proof that the Ride team is firing on all the cylinders, so tune in to the above video to watch Danimals, Brandon, Spencer, and Yuki (along with new Ride Global Am Tanner McCarty) take down Superpark 20 like it’s just a mellow day in the park.

Filmed and edited by Jake Durham.


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