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Resolution The Snowboarder Magazine Video Now Available On Itunes



Snowboarding News | Tuesday September 27, 2016 | Shared By: Arbor


Resolution, the eagerly awaited full length film from Snowboarder Magazine is now available for download on iTunes. The film features riding from the our favorite French Canadian crazy person, Frank April and the sensei of snowboarding, Bryan Iguchi. Follow the link below to download the full video, grab some popcorn and get hyped for the impending winter season.


In literary terms, RESOLUTION is the act of finding closure to the elements that have driven the narrative up to that point. Within the visual realm, RESOLUTION refers to the sharpness of an image. The most ubiquitous use of RESOLUTION is in the context of achieving one’s own ambitious goals. Jake Blauvelt, Lucas Magoon, Ben Ferguson, Chris Grenier, Terje Haakonsen, Frank April, Mikey Rencz, Danny Davis, Harrison Gordon, Bryan Iguchi, Scott Blum, Mikkel Bang, Louif Paradis and Jamie Lynn spent last winter doing what it is that they do, inspiring the rest of us each and every time they strapped in. This is their RESOLUTION. Shot in 4k on location in Japan, Canada, Norway, California, Michigan, Austria, Switzerland, Utah, Washington, Chile and other locations across the globe." alt="Screenshot 2016-09-27 10.28.09" width="640" height="387" />

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