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Relatively Speaking Brendan And Red Gerard



Snowboarding News | Wednesday September 18, 2013 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

words by Jens Heig

Every so often you come across those siblings that seem to have been separated at birth, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the time these brothers will have the closest, most inseparable bond of anyone you know. At 23 years old, Brendan Gerard rides faster and parties harder than most people even on their best day, nothing held back, no shits given. And while wearing a Speedo® at Superpark or denim on a Tahoe pow day is not typically considered practical or appropriate snowboard attire, his unchecked riding speaks for itself. Red on the other hand, despite the all-black-everything style of his older brother, aspires to have the life of our favorite flying tomato Mr. Shaun White—and he’s on the right track. Not only did he roar past the staff of SNOWBOARDER Magazine at this year’s The Launch at Bear Mountain, but at age 12 he has already stomped the coveted double cork and plans for more. They may have the same genes, but you will find Brendan’s are much tighter than anything you’ll see Red riding in. Jeans aside, the older brother has the young gun’s back anywhere, from on the hill to the relentless lashings of snowboarding message boards. Whether Elmo or emo, we got them into a little Facebook chat for some quality family time with SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s Relatively Speaking.

Video: Brendan Gerard, COMUNE Full Part

Brendan: How’s the season been going buddy?
Red: It’s going good, I landed my first double this year and that was my goal so super stoked.

Brendan: That’s awesome man, couldn’t be more stoked for you. How come you’re so much better than me?
Red: I don’t know.

Brendan: Fair. What grade are you supposed to be in?
Red: 6th.

Brendan: Do you even go to school?
Red: Yeah I mean I guess I do online school but I am really behind, and I went to regular school in the fall.

Brendan: Have you ever punched the ol’ clown? And do you even know what that means?
Red: No I don’t even know what that means.

Brendan: Alright, I’ll make it a bit easier. You ever bopped your bologna? Do you even know what that means?
Red: No!

Brendan: So you’re getting to be about that age now. Ever been to first base?
Red: No, not yet.

Brendan: The last time I rode powder with you, you were a little too small to stay afloat. Do you still hate powder?
Red: No powder is so fun and the last couple days I have got to practice a lot. I would like to ride with you more in the powder because you are so good at it.

Brendan: Flattered. Now that we know you’re going to be a triple threat (powder, rails, park) what percentage do I get when you get Shaun White rich? You know, for teaching you how to board and all.
Red: haha I don’t know if any one else really can get as much as Shaun White

Brendan: Not the point, how much am I getting? For real though?
Red: But if I somehow do, I will make sure to give you some; at least half of it.

Brendan: Good shit. So Red, am I “washed up” yet?
Red: No way you are just started and I think you have a bright future ahead.

Brendan: Perfect. So obviously we have a huge family and you have four brothers. Which brother is your favorite and why?
Red: My brother Malachi is my favorite because he is so cool to me and takes me with him when he goes to his friend’s house and is such an upbeat guy. But I like all my brothers too.

Brendan: I back that. Kai’s the man. Who is going to show who up at Superpark this year?
Red: I don’t know what to say to that but probably not me.

Brendan: If I get drunk and pass out through all of Superpark does that exempt me from the sibling rivalry?
Red: No way.

Brendan: Damn.
Red: But I am going to make fun of you.

Brendan: Rightfully so. You went to Ms. Superpark as well right?
Red: Yeah it was super fun.

Brendan: I saw Pat [Bridges] at Snakes and Hammers in Mammoth and although I wasn’t able to make it down for The Launch, he told me that you were great to have and apparently you crushed it. That didn’t surprise me at all, but what was your favorite part about The Launch?
Red: Probably hanging out with all my friends and throwing snowballs, and most definitely the hip there. It was so fun and you could go so high on it. All of this typing better count for a lesson of school.

Brendan: Absolutely not, Mom is probably typing for you anyway. Are they going make some sort of award for crushing all three SNOWBOARDER Magazine events in one year?
Red: Haha you accomplished last year.

Brendan: Blah blah blah, I did it last year, whatever. Anyhow. What’s in store for little Red next year? You’re getting older and ripping twice as hard every year. Is the progression ever going to slow down?
Red: I hope not and next year I want to do a lot more comps because I will be 13 so it will open up a lot and I want to learn a couple more doubles.

Brendan: Good for you. I think we all look forward to seeing what comes next.
Red: How about you, what are your goals?

Brendan: Just trying to stay alive out here bud. Hopefully I’ll have more progressive projects to lie ahead; keep putting out better video parts and trying to keep snowboarding from going lame. And try to hold my own against my 12-year-old brother.
Red: Haha sounds like a good one.

Brendan: One more. Anyone ever told you that you look and act like Benjamin Button?
Red: Yeah.

Brendan: Hmm, thought so.

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