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Recap An Evening With Coldsmoke



Snowboarding News | Monday October 27, 2014 | Shared By: Coldsmoke

A huge thanks to all who came out last Thursday to make the Coldsmoke season kick-off and benefit for the Venice Family Clinic a smashing success! The studio has never looked better, bedecked with works from local artists, CHASE – who made a special live painting on the roof deck- Pascal Shirley, Eddie Wall, and the legendary Mike Parillo. Special thanks goes out to Black Magic Rum for spicing up the bar, Flake and Jolly Oyster for hooking up a cornucopia of finger-licking bites to soak up all the libations. Ya’ll killed two kegs and a bar full of rum in less than three hours, and still comported yourselves with dignity and aplomb- way to go Venice!

If you couldn’t make it out, or if you liked the art but were too tipsy to find your wallet, prints from Eddie Wall and Pascal Shirley will be available on our online store, with proceeds going to the Venice Family Clinic.

We’re stoked to be part of such a supportive and fun community. Looking forward to hanging out with everyone again.

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