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Real Snow X Games Backcountry: John Jackson



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 11, 2015 | Shared By: Signal Snowboards

Required viewing! Yesterday X-Games posted new video parts for their Real Snow contest. Real Snow works like this – Chosen riders go out and film their own parts and then submit the edit to X-Games. They are then judged amongst their peers and the public gets to vote as well. John’s part is sick! You will see him flowing down insane lines, floating through epic powder and popping off some seriously big shit! One stand out is the 50ft diving board rock that we get to see from two angles with a smooth crail grab that just tickles the side of the cliff as it goes by. John has the ability to make you feel what he’s riding and I think you will definitely feel this part.

While you’re here check the John Jackson Sierra Series.

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