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Ramp Ceo On Us Made Snowboard Testing



Snowboarding News | Friday June 14, 2013 | Shared By: RAMP Snowboards

Mt. HoodHello, Friends of RAMP, this is Kilch, President and CESnow. ‪


This week we were back at Mt. Hood for another round of snowboard testing. We are making final adjustments on our 13-14 boards, which will be in production come July. We have new flexes and sidecuts in the 157. Jaime Callister was recruited to test those-a ripping female rider. Ross Powers tested the 161s. The U.S. Snowboard Team was there training boardercross, and yes, Lindsey Jacobellis is back on snow and riding strong. Pat Holland was testing as well, another RAMP rider and U.S. Snowboard Team athlete. ‬ ‪


Our testers have a few observations throughout the testing period: With the new bamboo core and Kevlar layer (the technology we use in our skis), the ride is far superior even if the flex hasn't been quite right. Ross kept raving about one of the cores-the softest one-where the flex hadn't been perfected but he said it still outperformed our previous Tumbleweed (our best selling snowboard in fact). When we get our U.S.-made boards dialed they are going to be extraordinary, stay tuned, almost there. ‪


We are also getting underway with SUP demos. The water is getting really nice and people are suddenly stoked to get out there. These C4 Waterman rigid inflatable boards are so much fun. Light, stable, easy to travel with and fast through the water. Come in and give one a try (reserve one free for the first time). We just launched a special where we are including a wetsuit when you buy one!‬ ‪


Still no dull moments at RAMP. ‬ ‪


Kilch‬ ‪President and CESnow‬

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