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Rail Gardens



Snowboarding News | Tuesday March 05, 2013 | Shared By: Airblaster

After returning from Japan, and recovering from the SIA trade show madness. We took a short trip to Salt Lake City to go check out one of the only citys with snow and awesome spots. The first spot on the checklist was the Rail Gardens. This place is awesome! You can go there on any day of the week and find people hanging out and snowboarding. It’s pretty much the ultimate party boarding spot, without the hassle of getting kicked out.

Nick Dirks, Jonas Michilot, Viktor Simco and Jesse Gouveia were all around for the trip! Luckily, we were able to invade Connor Brown (our videographer) and Toby Witte’s house for a couple days.

Nick warming up with a nice front board.

There’s tons of fun stuff to board on at the Rail Gardens. Viktor sending it on this gap.

Somehow we caught Jonas and Toby with their pants down while Jesse ripped it up.

Nick offering a little friendly support to Jonas.

Rail Gardens is always a sweet time with your friends. Check back soon for more from out trip to Salt Lake City.

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Is there anything better than BBQing, tossing back some sodas, and sessioning with your bros? The answer is no, there's not. And to punctuate our belief in this tenant of shredding, we are pleased to showcase the the first episode of L1's Merica Tour Video. In this edit, the L1 team set up at the Rail Gardens in Salt Lake City and went to work. Justin Keniston, Jon Kooley, Knut Eliassen, Jeffrey Richards, Shane Wright, Justin Bennee, Sam Taxwood, and Brandon Hammid shut it down with three minutes of hammer clips. We can't wait to see the next place this crew goes because this is one team with a heck of a lot of depth to it.

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