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Raceday Uncompromising Road Cycling Performance



Snowboarding News | Tuesday June 02, 2015 | Shared By: POC" alt="POC Raceday" width="584" height="390" />" alt="Raceday" width="584" height="876" />

Raceday is the result of POC’s uncompromising approach to road cycling performance and marks the next step in our quest to redefine POC’s future of road cycling.

POC entered the road bike scene in 2014, with the AVIP collection which combined different technological and design solutions to improve a cyclist’s protection and visibility whilst riding on the road. AVIP stand for Attention, visibility, Interaction and Protection and is POC’s most ambitious initiative to date, promoting safety for road cyclists.

Raceday is our next step on the journey and in this collection we have focused on no compromise performance. Built on the experience in producing AVIP, the objective has been clear, to optimize performance and aerodynamics.

Oscar Huss, Head of Product Development at POC, says:

By considering new combinations of materials, patterns and aerodynamic research we have created a collection which will support a rider’s ambition of optimizing every watt and finding that extra edge when it really matters, on race day”.

Competitive road cycling is all about seconds. In 2012, and after 3 476 km of racing, Ryder Hesjedal won the Giro D’Italia by 16 seconds and in 1989, after 3 weeks of racing, Greg Lemond won the Tour de France by 8 seconds!

Raceday has involved extensive wind tunnel and CFD testing as well as close collaboration with Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team and specialists in POC’s own centre of aerodynamic excellence, WATTS lab. The objective has been clear, to optimize performance and aerodynamics.

By incorporating the experience and knowledge from textile engineers and technologists POC Raceday integrates advanced fabrics and design which will reduce drag. The position of certain fabrics has also been considered in fine detail so efficiency and comfort are never compromised, such as the Coldblack technology and the dimpled shoulders zones used in the Aero TT Suit, the Multi D WO Sleeveless Suit and the Aero Jersey.

Aerodynamics is fundamental but if you ignored breathability, thermoregulation or movement then the chances are you would not be able to maximize performance. The Cerebel Raceday, which has been developed in close collaboration with Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling Team, is a perfect illustration as testing showed that compared to a static time trial position it excelled in varying body positions which allows greater upper body movement and improved lactate clearing.

Raceday by POC introduces a wide range of performance specific products, from bibs and jerseys through to shoe covers and gloves, and is the result of an uncompromising and holistic approach to cycling and marks the next step in our quest to redefine POC’s future of road cycling.

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