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Onboard Kalle Ohlson Interview



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 30, -0001 | Shared By: Vans

Kalle Ohlson. Photo: Matt Georges.

Despite his productivity, his versatile riding style, and his great personality Kalle Ohlson is not the obvious choice for a main interview. Yet his opening part in last year’s Pirates movie ‘Bottom Line‘, and another successful season that followed, were convincing enough to grant him his second Onboard interview – a feat only a handful of riders have ever achieved. We caught up with Kalle just before he launched into the infamous Swedish midsummer celebrations. While we interviewed him on the phone, we could hear his best mate Chris Sörman crack the drinks open.

Before you do an interview with a professional snowboarder for a snowboard magazine, you have to check if there are enough adequate photos available. Our staff photogs as well as the many freelance snappers out there submit their photos at the end of the season, usually around May. This summer, the folder collecting Kalle’s A-shots was soon bursting at the seams. Only a year after his standout opener for the Pirate movie ‘Bottom Line’ the 24-year-old Swede had once again been one of the most prolific riders in Europe. And even though in his career he has often been flying below the radar of public love and media approval Kalle has definitely earned his merits in our sport.

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