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On The Road With Scotty Vine



Snowboarding News | Thursday February 27, 2014 | Shared By: Coldsmoke

My trip to Washington occurred in early January in search for snow along the west coast. Due to the recent drought it seemed ideal to follow storms over the course of the next couple months in an attempt to be submersed into the winter world. 

1_DrivingToWA" width="800" height="450" />

Five days of snowfall was expected in the forecast. The trip to ride backcountry around Steven’s Pass resort was going to be one of the best beginning trips of my 2013/14 winter season. After making arrangements to stay with a long time friend and fellow Arbor team mate, Joe Bosler in Skykomish, the drive was completed in just under twenty two hours.

2_DrivingThroughSkykomish" width="800" height="450" />

Nate and I stayed with Joe at his cabin in the woods. 

3_BoslersHouse" width="800" height="450" />

The South Fork Skykomish River was just a short hike through the woods from Bosler’s cabin. 

4_WalkingToTheRiver" width="800" height="450" />

The forest out in the mountain range appeared lush and healthy.

5_ForestGrowth" width="800" height="450" />

More nature perspective.

6_ForestGrowth2" width="800" height="450" />

The river was a sight. It weaved through the mountain range. Bald eagles are known to perch in the tree branches from a distance and hunt fish. 

7_RiverPhoto3" width="800" height="450" />

After our arrival I set up my powder quiver of choice: the Arbor Snowboards Shreddy Kreuger! 

8_QuiverOfChoice" width="338" height="600" />

Off to snowboard on the mountain! 

9_SkykomishBridge" width="800" height="450" />

The filmier I drove out to Washington with, Nate Shute, in the fresh snowfall. 

10_NateFreshSnow" width="800" height="450" />

“Started from the bottom now we’re here.”

11_StevensPassLiftRide" width="800" height="450" />

Fresh snow hadn’t looked this good since before the drought on the west coast! 

12_StevensPassFreshSnow1" width="800" height="450" />

This run felt unreal after riding packed resort snow for a couple of months. 

13_CowboyRun" width="800" height="450" />

After some fresh powder riding, the mountain ranged warmed up with a couple solid days of rain falling sideways from the sky. However, we found other means of being productive on the trip. 

14_RootBall" width="800" height="450" />

The mountain range around the northwest mountain ridges at Steven’s Pass scrape the sky at 5,845 feet. Though the elevation is surprisingly low, the mountains’ average snowfall is 450″ annually. 

15_MountainRange" width="800" height="450" />

Next stop on the agenda was the 9th annual Coldmoke Awards! Back on the road. 

16_RailroadTracks" width="800" height="450" />

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