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On The Bus With Jussi Oksanen



Snowboarding News | Monday August 12, 2013 | Shared By: Zeal Optics

ZEAL athlete and snowboard legend Jussi Oksanen is a true road warrior, beating the paths at the furthest corners of the world year round. Whether its winter, when you’ll find Jussi is the most remote corners of the globe’s mountains, or the summer months when you’ll find him hitting the road, exploring the US in his VW van, using his Encinitas, California home as the hub of his voyages.

Last year Jussi picked up an ’87 VW Vanagon Weekender, stocked it with camping gear, toys, and began exploring with his wife and kids.

“My van is all loaded with our camp stuff, so it’s easy to just go when ever,” says Jussi. “It feels like our little home now, it’s all cozy in there! We’ve done a lot of exploring in So Cal and the next mission is to head over to the Sierras and maybe next year do the Northwest, which would be amazing!”

We caught up with Jussi to get the down low on his favorite camping spots this summer:

“This is a Crystal Cove in between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach—amazing views from here. We watched whales swimming by for about an hour. It’s a hard to get to spot, but great place to go off season!”

“This is in Julian, a bit inland from us-the kids love it there. There are lots of places to wonder in the woods!”

“This is the campground by Trestles, you can just take your bike down to the beach and surf – great little set up!”


“We do this a lot as a family. Or solo. Just drive down to the beach and pop the top and chill – have a quick nap or just look at the waves.”

“This is from Mt. Cuyamaca, about an hour away from us. There’s lots of cool stuff to do with the kids—water pools, lakes, hiking and biking.”

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