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Nuulife Cinema Wildlife Season 2 Episode One



Snowboarding News | Saturday February 22, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Nuulife Cinema is back for season two of Wildlife, their wild and wiley series that follows a group of western Canadians as they pilfer prime spots all over BC and beyond. In the first episode, head to the deeps of Interior BC where, although the northwest may have had a slow start, winter is in full swing. Stops at Whitewater, and Cariboo Country in the north, and then the homebase of Nuulife, Whistler Blackbomb. There’s powder, park, and urban footage–so whatever suits your fancy, Nuulife provides. Featuring Jason Gretzinger, Gordon Emery, Wiley Tesseo, Eric Poulin, David Kinskofer, Ryan Paterson, Darcy Sharpe, Andrew Wood, Adam Franks, Kyle Stainton and Jeremy Melanson.

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