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No Bindings No Problem Powsurfing Explained



Snowboarding News | Friday December 13, 2013 | Shared By: Coldsmoke

What is powsurfing, and how does one do it? Read on…

“It’s an awesome, free feeling without anything strapping you down,” says Johan Olofsson. “The board moves real quick under your feet without the bindings. Slashes and turns starts to feel real surfy. I always wanted to surf since I was a little kid. Snowboarding was the first step towards surfing while living in the sub-Arctic zones of Northern Sweden. Twenty years later, NoBoards/Powsurfers started to appear more and more in the near surroundings… gave it a try, and yeah, there it is.”

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Jeff Patterson

Snowboarding at its core was snow surfing, an obvious-when-you-think-about-it spin on the ocean-borne variety. It’s so obvious it’s a wonder anyone can be credited with “inventing” it. The traditional approach is being revisited by riders looking for a more “off-line” version of their strapped-in favourite. Snowboarders are not only taking off their bindings on conventional boards, but stepping out on convention entirely to spur a true board-shaping movement that addresses the needs of a new generation of powsurfers.

Modern bindingless riding is an expression of hard-won skill and progression over time on concrete, snow and water, incorporated into boards and shapes not seen for decades—or ever.

There are as many different shapes and concepts swirling around as there are conditions to ride them in. To start, they all wreck it in true powder, you just have to understand the nuances of how each board rides- how to stand on the thing, position your weight, lean into a turn. The subtle (and not so subtle) differences become apparent when riding in less than perfect conditions.

To find our HOW to POWSURF on boards such as the Asmo, NoBoard, Shark and Grassroots…read on at Snowboard Canada" width="675" height="1013" />

Kevin Sansalone. Whistler backcountry, B.C.

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