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Nice Rack Guide To Sharing Holiday Stoke



Snowboarding News | Saturday December 17, 2011 | Shared By: Nice Rack

If you are reading this I will assume that you’re familiar with the concept of stoke. In the world of action sports, Surfing, SUP, snowboarding, wakeboarding etc. Stoke is term used to refer to the positive satisfying feeling that comes with catching a good wave, carving an epic turn or just enjoying oneself. Stoke also comes from sharing; seeing a friend get barreled or watching your little sister learn to wakeboard! Thus I turn to an equally important brand of sharing stoke, giving-stoke (aka holiday stoke). Nice Rack is proud to have recently contributed to Wake World’s Toys for Tots Auction, and this blog is dedicated to the folks who make it happen every year.

This video shows the Wake World event organizer, and his army of kid shoppers picking up the best toys to donate to Toys for Tots and having fun while doing it!

About the charity

Toys for Tots is Organized by US Marine Corps every year in every state. The charity gets toys to children who otherwise wouldn’t be receiving gifts during the holidays. For the less-privileged kids in our country, Toys for Tots is something to look forward to during this cold time of year. It also provides some hope for a better future. Toys are collected as unwrapped gifts at collection centers in each participating community. They are then distributed to the kids in need within that same area by volunteers and members of the Marine Corps.

About Wake World’s Auction

Who donated in 2011? Big names like Hyperlite, Tige Boats, Rockstar Energy, and smaller operations like yours truly. The prizes were wakeboards, wakeskates, bindings, boat equipment, clothing, amplifiers, wakeboard camp days, and more. The items were placed as up-for auction on Wake Worlds website where fans were allowed to bid for their favorite prize. The winners got to keep their prize, and the money was collected by Wake World to buy toys. The toys were then taken to a collection center and added to donations from others in the community. This year Wake World with the help of its sponsors raised $6,829.95 to buy toys! Those who bid in the auction got some sick deals, and I think its safe to say that some tots will be stoked on the gifts they get this year.

About Wake World

Wake World Covers the full spectrum of wakesports with how-to, training, history, videos, articles, links, reviews and forums. If you want to learn how to set up your boat to make a perfect wake, or if you want to learn to do some epic front-flips it’s the place to go. Stay up to date on the contest circuit and your favorite pros, or chat with buddies from your local lake.

Nice Rack Prize

Nice Rack auctioned off a Nice rack prize. The pack included: the Nice Rack Modular Rack (the best home storage for wakeboards) a Nice Rack T-shirt, and a Nice Rack Trucker Hat. If you have a wakeboarder in your family we recommend hooking them up with the Nicest holiday gift on the market. Or, you’re feeling less charitable hook yourself up, someone will be glad that you got your surfboard off the ground!

You can get involved too! Simply visit for information and collection centers near you.

Raddest Santa Surfing Stoke

Do you have an awesome charity that you want to share? Hit us up on and let us know!

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