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Mug Shots And Interviews



Snowboarding News | Friday September 12, 2014 | Shared By: Yes Snowboards" alt="lifestyle_scenic_yes-164" width="640" height="425" class="alignnone size-large wp-image-4897" />

Getting any team of international athletes together at one time is a challenge most brands face. We’re lucky enough to have most of our team calling the coastal mountains of BC home. The valley connecting Squamish and Whistler is a mecca almost every pro rider flocks to at some point during the winter. Even the ones that don’t really call it home all year – Benji and Austen, for example – find themselves here for sometimes months out of the season.

This spring while Austen happened to be in town, before Benji left for summer in Québec, we hadn’t lost Helen to the beaches of So Cal yet, David to the waves of Costa Rica or Romain to his family in Switzerland; we managed to get an impromptu photo and interview session together.

@Frank and Tadashi – bummed we could make it happen with you guys too!

Anyway, the photos are just cause you need photos – LOTS of photos. And since we have such a damn good-looking team, we might as well load the bank up with a tonne of mug shots, right?

The gathering also gave us a chance to interview each of the riders for the upcoming web-series called “Influences”. It’s the story of YES. told by each of the main founders – RDM, JPS and DCP. How their shared passion of a lifestyle drove them to such influential heights and what impact that has had on the next generation of shreds.

Look for it online this fall.

“Influences” Past. Present. Future.

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