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Morning Carves At Alpental



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 08, 2017 | Shared By: Karakoram

Bryce and Tyler made it out of the office one morning last spring for some morning turns at Alpental. Nothing better than a little “product testing”, a quiver full of Gentemstick powsurfs to choose from, and getting to put the bindings we work so hard designing to the test.

We put a lot of focus on the words “Performance Snowboarding”. For us, this is all about having gear that responds instantly, that has no lag in the system, and ultimately makes us feel more connected to the mountain. We spent a ton of time and R&D trying to figure out how to reinvent the 4-hole wheel and make this happen. Our Active Joining Technology has definitely met and exceeded those goals– these are the best feeling bindings we’ve ever ridden.

For more info on how we’ve used Active Joining to make the best turning bindings, check out:

Riders: Bryce Kloster

Tyler Kloster

Kyle HansenKahn

Greg Nelson

Location: Alpental

Song: Gramatik “Road Trip”

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