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Snowboarding News | Friday March 08, 2013 | Shared By: Airblaster

After party boarding at the Rail Gardens, we set to go find some other awesome things to ride on. There’s a lot of memorable spots in Salt Lake and you have to get creative to find new spots. That’s easy with Nick Dirks, Jonas Michilot, Jesse Gouveia and Viktor Simco, these guys are creative and always want to hit something in a different way. Here’s a couple more photos from our trip to Salt Lake to film for the new Airblaster video, Gone Wild.

Jonas catching air over this bench…

Viktor stalling one out!

We went to a dog park where we found a couple other boarders. Don’t remember the name of the location, but there’s a sweet line of stairs you can be creative and shred with your friends.

On the final day, we found this quarter pipe that some skiers built. Instead of ripping it down, we decided to session it. Viktor with the handplant.

Dirks forgot his sunscreen.

Dirks blastin’ off this pole jam.

Toby, Jesse and Nick were talking about something… Probably about a new yoga stretch.

Quarterpipes are fun to hit, especially when you have the support from your friends. Jonas hit this thing all day. It was so awesome to see him sending it off this thing.

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