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Mobile Theory Custom Snowboard



Snowboarding News | Monday August 04, 2014 | Shared By: Monson

Custom snowboards are used for many occasions. This custom board was a gift from a snowboard enthusiast’s company, after receiving he board, this is the feedback we got:

A note from the recipient:

“I want to thank everyone for the incredible moment of my time with Mobile Theory. When I opened the box I got a kick looking over the signatures of all the people that turned MT into a tremendous success story. The board is going on my wall in my home office.”


A note from Jason at Opera Media Works

“Thank you to Ryan and the American Gear team for helping bring this idea to life. With out them this would have never happened. “


Here are some pics of the project:" alt="mobile-theory-custom" width="450" height="600" />

Lucky recipient of a custom snowboard" alt="Custom board getting final touches." width="450" height="600" />

Custom board getting final touches." alt="Custom Snowboard in bag ready to ship." width="450" height="600" />

Custom Snowboard in bag ready to ship." alt="Mobile Theory Snowboard fresh out of the press." width="450" height="600" />

Mobile Theory Snowboard fresh out of the press.

Picture of Mobile theory custom snowboard. Links to
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