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Mikey Rencz Pure Fun



Snowboarding News | Monday December 08, 2014 | Shared By: Electric

Mikey Rencz recently sat down with Snowboard Magazine to talk about what being a pro snowboarder means to him, "pure fun, pure party, pure style" 


Whistler is kind of like the perfect balance of the snowboard lifestyle, it has the terrain to really make a really strong rider and then the nightlife to make to a really good partier. What's it been like coming up in that environment?

First of all, moving to Whistler when I was fourteen just totally changed my riding. I was into contests before that but you get here and see this terrain and it's like, halfpipe? Are you crazy?! Some of the dudes I learned from were just like, no kid, your not riding that thing. So it immediately shifted my riding to a lot more backcountry and freeriding. I went filming with Treetop Films a few days when I was really young and getting to see guys like Lukas Huffman and Shin Campos blew me away. From there on out I knew what I wanted to be doing on my snowboard. Then of course going to the bars like way underage and seeing every pro snowboarder you ever looked up to there was just insane as a little guy. I came from Alberta, a place you hardly see any pros to Whistler and it was like, oh man, everyone is here. Early season back in those days was the best time I've had snowboarding. All the shredders weren't filming yet and would be on the hill just mobbing around in huge groups. Guys like Browner, Devun Walsh, Dufficy, Trevor Andrew. Cruising the hill with everyone back then was super eye opening for me.

Read the whole interview HERE and be sure to watch his full section from Burton Presents

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