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Mike Basich's Off The Grid Party At Area 241



Snowboarding News | Monday March 14, 2016 | Shared By: Flow

Now that Mother Nature has given the Sierra a normal winter back this season, Flow Global Professional Mike Basich decided to to throw an Off the Grid party at his private property at Area 241 to share his unique snowboarding experience with family, friends and colleagues. Flow took a moment to talk with Basich about the Off the Grid party, along with his plans for the remaining months of this winter season.

What the inspired the get together for the Off the Grid party?

The party was inspired by trying to complete what I’ve always wanted to do with Area 241… sharing it, sharing the experience. It was the first year that we had good snow since I built the lift three years ago. It was time to share it. As much as I love the privacy, it was all about sharing a unique appearance with my friends. The Off the Grid party was an excellent chance for people to experience Flow gear in my relaxed backyard experience.

How as the turnout in your opinion? More or less what he’d hope for?

There were a little over a hundred people that turned out. The mix of people was a little different. I wanted to do this for all the people who helped build the lift and Area 241, and not everyone could make it out. The turnout made the logistics of getting people to the site tricky. People were arriving at different times, so the logistics of parking 50 something cars wasn’t optimal. Then we had to shuttle people a few miles into Area 241 using the snowcat. It was like a living room shuttle. We had a trailer with couches, hooked up to the snowcat to take people out there.

Something you want to do annually and grow into an event?

I’m taking this year by year. I do have a dream of making an annual event eventually. A fun, old time banked slalom, invite everyone to camp and build igloos. It might have a different shape to it in the future.

What are your plans for the rest of the season?

I’ve been hanging with the Flow crew... Shin Biyajima and Tim Humphreys. Heading to Jackson Hole for the Pow Wow. After that I’ll be giving my full attention to temperatures and moisture. things in Tahoe might not last. Then it’ll be time to venture into Canada and eventually up to Alaska.

Any other improvements on Area 241 in the works?

This is definitely what I have been aiming for. The dream state of having everything operating. I was able to use my snowcat to build jumps to practice backflips the other day. It’s so much easier than having to work a few days building a kicker in the backcountry.

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