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Meet The Zealots Banks Gilberti Profile



Snowboarding News | Thursday August 08, 2013 | Shared By: Zeal Optics

The ZEAL Optics team was built with individuals and outsized personalities, compiled from a crew whose experiences and stories run as deep as their talents. One of our newest athletes boasts a background that truly embodies our mantra of “Explore More” with a list of pursuits and passions as long and lustrous as the flowing blond locks that have become the calling card of Sun Valley-born and Breckenridge-based skier and renaissance shred, Banks Gilberti.

We caught up with Banks at the latest ZEAL catalog shoot in Marfa, Texas to learn more about what drives him to Explore More in life and on the mountain.

What are you into other than skiing? What motivates you?
The list is truly endless. I love doing pretty much anything that takes place outside. Skating, snowboarding, vollyball, soccer, biking, swimming, BBQ’ing, photography, exploring, adventuring, you name it!

What are your favorite places to travel? How about people to ski and ride with?

I love going anywhere new. I went to Sweden this year, it was awesome, great people fun street spots… Super rad all together. As for people, I love riding with my lovely girlfriend, Stefi Luxton, also just anyone around that day, my buddy Bobby, or Mac, Kolby, Pat, Jay, Sig. We have a huge crew in Breckenridge!

What are a few things that most people don’t know about you?
I snowboard almost as much as I ski. I am constantly looking at motorbikes online. I’m always hungry.

What are you truly passionate about?

I’m passionate about a ton of things, anything on snow—skiing, snowboarding, sledding—music and adventure. I’m passionate about living in general, making sure not to take a second for granted of this insanely lucky life I live. It’s the least you can do, not very many people even get the chance to step foot on snow their entire lives. We are extremely fortunate in this line of work.

Why are you down with Zeal?

Easy, they have the same drive and passion as I do for adventure and carving out a niche in the extremely over crowded and unoriginal action sports scene. They reach for the same goals as me, and ZEAL realizes that it’s not just about reaching them, but the story that builds along the way that grows you.

What are your favorite sunglasses and goggles and why?

It’s tough because I’m so stoked on quite a few, so everywhere I travel I end up having my entire suitcase overfilling with different goggles and colorways. I can’t seem to just chose one. I’ve been big on the SLATE, the LEVEL and the FARGO. Too hard to choose a favorite, but they all have a unique style and awesome mix of colors to choose from not to mention fit is perfect!

As for sunnies I’m super into the KENNEDY in tortoise specifically—best unique look and for myself just my favorite fit in a sunny. Everyone has a different style with shades but the KENNEDY is certainly an all around rad frame.

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