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Max Parrot Lands First Switch Quad Underflip 1620



Snowboarding News | Monday April 20, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

The game is changing constantly. It goes without saying that a boned-out method will never go out of style, but the level of snowboarding ability that it takes to contort oneself off axis four times and land perfectly is undoubtedly impressive and Max Parrot just landed a game changer. The French Canadian rider just touched down on a first-try switch quad underflip 1620 yesterday at Whistler. Quad corks have entered the building. Holy moly.

Says Max, “It was a dream for me when I first started competing internationally, to push the boundaries of snowboarding. I have been visualizing this trick for a few months and when the opportunity presented itself this season thanks to Monster Energy and Whistler Blackcomb, I felt it was the right time”

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