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Making Fun For A Living



Snowboarding News | Thursday October 01, 2015 | Shared By: Signal Snowboards


It’s Friday my friends! It’s the day you let the week loosen its grip and hopefully send it into an awesome weekend with friends and family. It’s been a good one this week and every day that passes we find ourselves inching closer and closer to winter and opening day. This gives me good feely feels and it makes me appreciate the fact that yes, we make fun for a living! We build products and we build on dreams to elevate the shred world. The best analogy I have at the moment is it’s like having the ability to build your own cement skate park to every whim, concept or idea you have in your beautiful mind. What transition, what hits, what shapes, features and what feeling would you want, not only for yourself, but for others to experience when the visit your skate park as well. There’s no doubt you would want them to leave inspired right?! You want them to learn something new or have a new feeling because your park is different than the others. You want others to talk and share about its creative expression and the fact that this park is unique and you can do things there that you can’t do anywhere else. That’s the shit right there! That’s how we feel about Signal and opportunity to make fun for a living. Finding new lines were others do not and in the end leaving those who experience our world inspired and special. Love and light my brothers and sisters. Now get ready for winter, grear up, watch a few of the new videos that just dropped and enjoy that weekend!


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