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Making Content Marketing Easier For Brands: Rootsrated Media And Oia Announce Partnership



Snowboarding News | Wednesday May 17, 2017 | Shared By: Outdoor Industry Association

RootsRated Media and Outdoor Industry Association today announce a partnership to make content marketing easier for OIA members. RootsRated Media provides a content marketing platform called Compass that saves marketers time in sourcing, distributing, and measuring content.

“We’re proud to support the ongoing efforts of OIA on behalf of the entire outdoor industry, whether it be in D.C. fighting to be recognized as the economic powerhouse we are, working with brands to create sustainability standards, or on the ground with retailers supporting best practices,” says Mark McKnight, RootsRated Media CMO and Co-Founder.

As part of the Outdoor Industry Association’s many membership benefits, new clients who mention their OIA membership receive 20% off their platform subscription for the first year.

Fynn Glover, CEO and Founder, explains that content marketing is no longer a nice-to-have: “Great storytelling has always been a major differentiator in the market, but in the competition for attention today, brands need more volume and a higher cadence of content production than ever before. The challenge for most small teams is that scaling content from a couple blog posts a quarter to several times a week is price and time prohibitive. We’ve worked with forward-thinking brands across several industries to make the process easier.”

Brands have been forced to think and act like publishers in order to attract consumer attention. By starting as a publisher and writing over 7,000 articles on, the company has learned valuable lessons about engaging an active audience, and now is able to bring that experience to bear through a turnkey software-as-a-service platform for brands.

Matt Kaplan, VP of Membership and Sales, says that OIA is “excited to be partnered with RootsRated. Their Compass platform truly helps our member Brands and Retailers directly connect with the end users of their products by providing content and information to better enjoy the outdoors. In today’s world, the right information is critical and crucial to building a larger outdoor user base and growing a sustainable and informed industry and community. Through our partnership with RootsRated Media, we’re increasing our members’ ability to grow in given markets, increasing participation in local outdoor endeavors, driving awareness, promoting the enjoyment of the local natural resources.”

“We make content marketing easy by focusing it down to three key practice areas: source, distribute, measure,” says Glover. Inside RootsRated Compass platform, brands can source content through syndication or custom content production, distribute quickly to their own website and then promote through Facebook and other platforms, then measure the results of their efforts through analytics specifically developed for measuring content engagement. A new capability called Compass Networks allows brands to harness the power of shared audiences and allows for co-marketing. Brands are now harnessing the power of content marketing to fuel co-op campaigns through Networks.

For more information on RootsRated Media’s Compass platform, visit

About RootsRated Media

RootsRated Media helps marketers radically simplify their content marketing process. Marketers can source, distribute, and measure content through the RootsRated Compass software platform.

Marketers can easily commission content through a professional editorial staff and paid writer network, syndicate from’s archives of over 6,000 articles about the outdoors, or upload their own content. With content in Compass, marketers can then publish to their website in a few clicks and share with their network and on social media. Compass offers a WordPress plugin as well as several other connection options including an API. In addition to making publication easy, the Compass plugin also includes analytics measurements tailored specifically for measuring the impact of content marketing.

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