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Longboard Love At The Lakefront



Snowboarding News | Wednesday August 05, 2015 | Shared By: VholdR

I hit the Lakefront with my G|Bomb longboard for a 10 mile LDP (Long Distance Pumping) session bright and early even beating the sun out there. Weather could not have been better for mid July in New Orleans – Mid 80s to start out and a nice breeze off the water. Unfortunately, I think the sky stole the show here. Fantastic morning to be out.

Within five minutes of filming I broke the lens protector on the Contour. Smacked it three times trying the same thing – third time cracked the lens cover. For a moment I thought I was out of the video business but realized I could just break the lens protector more and completely remove it piece by piece. The camera is no longer submersible but it still shoots some fine video.

Board is a G|Bomb Push/Pump Freewill Deck with Dont-Trip Poppy trucks, Orangatang In-Heat purple wheels 75mm 83a and Zealous bearings.

GPS is a Mini GPS by Lezyne.

Camera: ContourRoam.

Shoes are Asics GT-2000

Location is Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Background sounds:

\”Tonight Is Love\” by

Buddha (Lounge Grooves)

Cow Sound Effects:

License Date: 2015-07-17

Total Price: $0.99

Licensed by (Licensor): Audiosocket

3518 Fremont Ave N #400

Seattle WA 98103

Ph: (206) 701-7931

Via: Vimeo

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