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Liz Daley 2 Years Later



Snowboarding News | Thursday September 29, 2016 | Shared By: Karakoram

It hardly seems possible that 2 years have passed since we lost our beloved friend, Liz Daley, to that avalanche in Argentina. There is so much that can be said about Liz, and in the same breathe, not enough words in the English language to articulate just how special she really was. She remains in our hearts on a daily basis.

In her honor, a band of her family and friends have created a memorial campaign called Liz Rocks. The goal is to build a state of the art outdoor public rock climbing facility at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington, where Liz spent much of her childhood.

Just two weeks before Liz passed away, she and I had a conversation about creating a custom built, Karakoram pro-model splitboard binding for her. These bindings needed to be the absolute apex in alpine splitboarding to match Liz’s amazing capabilities, and at the same time, still have a Liz Daley “Pink Flare” that only she could have created. She never had the chance to ride them, but we went ahead and created them anyway!

We are offering up to 5 sets of top of the line, glittery sparkled pink and purple custom built Prime Carbons, with a full, no questions asked Lifetime Warranty. In addition, for those non-splitboaders out there, or those who are snowboarders but who are perhaps just a little “Split Curious”, we are also offering custom built LizRocks Prime Connect RCT bindings, also, with a lifetime warranty.

This Saturday, we will be auctioning off these one of a kind bindings at the Liz Rocks Your Socks Off event in downtown Tacoma. You can see the event details here:

Karakoram is a lot more than a binding company, we are a close family. It goes without saying that Liz remains an integral part of who we are not just as individuals, but as a brand. She not only raised the bar for women’s snowboard alpinism, but for snowboard alpinism as a whole. To this day, many of her achievements have never been repeated. But far more importantly than her capabilities as a mountain athlete, she changed all of our lives for the better in ways that each of us are still discovering, even 2 years after the onset of her absence. The amount of love and inclusive energy she exuded has quite literally, become legendary. We ask that all of you who knew Liz, or even just knew of her, take a short moment of silence today to appreciate the life of this amazing human being.

We love you forever Liz Daley!!

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