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Living Thegoodlife With Sailor Jerry Rum At The Hideout During Xgames



Snowboarding News | Wednesday January 29, 2014 | Shared By:

Living TheGoodLife! With Sailor Jerry Rum at the Hideout during XGames

Word on the street, the place to be in Aspen last weekend wasn’t the slopes, or the over branded corporate parties, in fact, it was straight- up chilling at Sailor Jerry & TheGoodLife! Hideout. Indisputably; it was the (official) HQ to sip a Hot Buttered Rum throw down a serious game of Dominos, get inked up from Spike TV's- Ink Master himself-Oliver Peck or clean up with a Shave & Hair Cut from Franks Chop Shop.

The Hideout quickly became the place to unwind -and drink tasty Sailor Jerry Rum cocktails or just kick it with your favorite athlete or artist- including Louie Vito, Icelandic Bad Ass-Halldór Helgason , Jack Mitrani, Mason Aguirre, Danny Davis, Greg Bertz, Gabi Viteri , Street Artist Buff Monster. ,Roofeeo from Tv on the Radio.

Late night celebrations included all three medalists from the Men's SnowBoarding Superpipe getting rad Sailor Jerry Party Tattoos from Oliver Peck. Including Danny getting his butt tattooed with SHIT HAPPENS! Louie Vito getting TheGoodLife! Logo!

WHAT?? Yes.. This all happened.. and no one was arrested..

Peeps at the Hideout
Danny Davis
Louie Vito
Greg Bretz
Halldor Helgason
Eiki Helgason
Luke Mitrani
Jack Mitrani
Mason Aguirre
Chippa Wilson
Gabi Viteri
Barrett Christy
Jamie Anderson
Elena Hight
Kaitlyn Farrington
Doran Laybourne
Sex Panther Dj's