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Lib Techs Downtown Throwdown Is Back For Its 8th Year And Its Coming To Minneapolis



Snowboarding News | Thursday September 26, 2013 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

New city, new features, next level shredding and over $20K in prize money…it’s gonna be BANANAS!

The DTTD has grown from a local DIY project to the most anticipated and respected urban snowboarding event in the world, while entertaining tens of thousands of people over the past seven years in Seattle and San Francisco. This year, event creators Snowboy Productions talked with sponsors and riders about the idea of bringing the DTTD to other amazing cities and the overwhelming response was Minneapolis, MN. Minneapolis has been a hotbed of urban snowboarding for a long time with spots and riders featured in snowboarding videos all around the world. “It’s also a nice nod to Minneapolis-based riders like Zac Marben, Jonas & Jordan Michilot and Jake Olsen-Elm who competed in the early years and have really supported the event” said Snowboy Productions & Lib Tech’s Krush Kulesza. “We’ve had an amazing run in Seattle and San Francisco, but we’re really stoked on the opportunity to move it around each year and really keep it fresh.”

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