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Jump Off A Building 2 Think Thank Almanac



Snowboarding News | Tuesday March 03, 2015 | Shared By: Lib Technologies

The Think Thank “Methods of Prediction” crew mills about from Mission Ridge and Stevens Pass out to Wisconsin at Sunburst and on to confront the massive Nor Easter ova they-ya on the East guy. Also featuring never before seen footage of Ted missing the deadline for his Real Snow submission (because he look too long on this insane hammer). I guess sometimes you just have to jump off a building….again. Have fun out there.

With: Freddy Perry, Jesse Burtner, Aaron Kiser, Brandon Reis, Derek Lever, Brady Lem, Mitch Richmond, Sammy Spiteri, Ryan Paul, Sunburst locs, Ted Borland, Max Warbington and Parker Duke.

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