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Johnny Lazz Full Part Remix



Snowboarding News | Wednesday December 03, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

While Johnny Lazzareschi’s contagious cackle is immediately identifiable for anyone within earshot of this Tahoe-born boarder, it’s his skills when strapped in that leave the most resounding impression. From a young age, Johnny was on deck impressing those around him with his insatiable aptitude for sizing up metal and taking it down. He makes the technical looks easy, with endless 180 and 270 variations on lock. Two springs ago, when Johnny was placed in a field of over a dozen of the most influential street destroyers in the Game of S.N.O.W. at Mammoth, it was his imitable depth of trick selection that allowed him to step to anything called out by opponents and walk away as the contest champion–but where Lazz really shines is when he takes these tricks to the street and executes on hefty gaps, kinks, drops, and redirects. Over the past winter, we didn’t see enough of this guy, and so when he decided to release this full part collection of footage from the past few seasons, we were more that stoked to press play. We’ve watched the edit a few times now–repeat viewing is practically required–and we are excited to see what Johnny is going to put together this year. Word is he has a new set of sponsors and is headed back into the streets with some edges to grind. So, stay tuned for more from one of our favorite high-energy snowboarders, Mr. John Lazzareschi.

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