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Jamie Anderson Wins 3rd Consecutive Dew Tour Womens Slopestyle Gold



Snowboarding News | Monday December 15, 2014 | Shared By: Gnu" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

WE DID IT…. AGAIN! Jamie Anderson is takes home her 3rd consecutive Dew Tour Gold Medal for women’s slopestyle. She has been on an absolute roll lately with competitions and pushing the limits for what ladies are doing in the slopestyle spotlight. The finals were Friday (12/11) and the entire lineup of ladies talent did not disappoint, but it was Jamie who took home the gold while riding her 2015 GNU Ladies Choice Gold Edition.

After just her first run Jamie walked away with her 3rd consecutive Dew Tour Gold and $25,000 to go with it." alt="Women's Slopestyle Podium at 2014 Dew Tour" width="640" height="426" />

Breakdown of Jamie’s run…
Rail 1:

Rail 2: Boardslide 270 out

Jump 1: Backside 540 mute

Jump 2: Cab 270

Rail 3: Switch boardslide 270 out

Jump 3: Switch backside 540

Jump 4 (final hit): MASSIVE frontside 720

Congratulations Jamie!

“This is the gnarliest shit ever—having to wait all day, watching the boys destroy the course, and then having to store your energy and compete at three in the afternoon is crazy,” said Anderson while sipping a glass of green juice following the awards ceremony. “We are some tough chicks. Sometimes I’m tired of being tough! The only thing that was good about the contest being so late in the day was that I was able to conserve my energy with each hour before the event. The day before semi-finals, I knocked a couple ribs out of place in practice. I was able to get them worked on the day of semi-finals, but I was in so much pain I didn’t think I was going to be able to put a run down and just barely qualified fourth. So today I’m glad I had a bit of time to chill. I’m really excited about this win and how progressive the women’s riding is. I think we’ll see some really amazing tricks from the field of women this season. I have been working on some new tricks including some rodeos and 10s and I hope to break them out soon.” – Jamie Anderson" alt="Jamie Anderson Takes the 1st Place Podium at 2014 Dew Tour" width="640" height="426" />

Dew Tour 2014 Women’s Slopestyle Results (Top 3)

1. Jamie Anderson 96.25

2. Enni Rukajarvi 93.25

3. Christy Prior 90.00

Photo: George Crosland/Dew Tour

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