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Intermediate Snowboarding Skills



Snowboarding News | Thursday January 12, 2012 | Shared By: Nice Rack

So, now that you’ve got a few days of snowboarding under your belt you feel that you’re ready for more. As you’ve surely learned, snowboarding has a brutal learning curve, and snow is anything but a soft pillow to land on. Here are a few more tips to master before you sign up for the next park contest or boarder-cross race.

Ready to take your snowboarding to the next level? Learn the basics to truly enjoy a powder day like the one above!

#1 how to snowboard without getting hurt.

These days it is common to see signs around ski resorts that say something like, “easy style it.” What does that mean? This phrase simply means to stay within your limits so you don’t get hurt. The best way to gain respect on the mountain is to stay in control. Here are a few more tricks.

-If you fall fall, move to the side of the run quickly. Always be aware of other people especially when they’re moving fast. Also be ready to get out of the way if you fall exiting the chairlift!

-Try some wrist guards. Its easy to tweak your wrists when you fall. You’re wearing gloves and a jacket anyway, think of it as extra warmth.

-Don’t hit the most difficult trails until you’ve showed the easy ones who’s boss. This goes for parks too, stay out of the superpipe until you can kill it in the kids park.

MASTER THE FOLLOWING TECHNIQUES TO BECOME A PRO-SNOWBOARDER. Just kidding, but you will be in crazy good control if you’ve got these moves down.

Slide turns- you’ve probably seen snowboarders laying into their edges on turns, that’s why snowboards are so sharp. Don’t expect to pull this off until you’ve mastered sliding turns. In a slide turn you lose a little bit of speed speed on each arc. For a great example watch any snowboard contest, right before a hitting a jump most pros do a “speed check!” Practice toe-side to heel-side transitions, with this skill you’ll be in mad control of your line and your speed, the foundation for everything to come.

J-turns- J-turns are a great way to learn edge turning. (Step 1) Give a good look above you to make sure no one is coming towards you. (Step 2) turn toe-side (easier) or heel-side (harder) across the slope and back up the hill. Your line will look like a J!

180 hop- Works great at the end of a J-turn, since you will be pointing uphill and you want to go back downhill. Bend your knees a little and hop, turing your upper body back down the hill. Get ready to re-set your edge since you will land flat. Once you’re feeling confident try this while moving, its the basis for 180 airs.

Ollies- Are a lot like a hop, but with more style and pop. Snowboards are flexible and spring-y, use this to get yourself in the air by leaning back slightly before you jump. Since you’ve already taken the weight of your front foot all you have to do is jump with your back foot, pop it off your tail.

It’s usually a good idea to push yourself when trying to become a better snowboarder. Knowing your skill base is the fastest way to progress. If you’ve got the patience you’ll be bombing double black diamond runs in no time without falling. When you get home don’t forget to throw your shred-sled on your Nice Rack Snowboard Wall Rack. Let your snowboard take a break from riding, but never because you’re healing an injury!



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