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Historic Snowfall Hits Nyc



Snowboarding News | Sunday January 24, 2016 | Shared By: Signal Snowboards

Historic Snowfall Hits NYC

Over the weekend NYC was hit with its second largest snowstorm on record since 1869. Twenty-six inches blanked the Big Apple and completely covered the streets and local parks. If you love the snow like we do, it was absolutely beautiful! The city had certain stillness to it, a soundproofing if you will, as they shut down the roads to all vehicles at 2:30pm on Saturday. That opened the streets for shredders, cross country skiers and kids with sleds, which is always a cool vibe in a big city. Every city block had cars that were buried to their roofs as the snowplows pushed up four to five foot banks, making a little extra work for those happy New Yorkers. Families and couples wandered the streets enjoying vibe and taking photos, while anything form of a hill had kids sledding and playing in the snow.

Saturday night we headed into Central Park for a little snowboarding and Mr Fun action. There was two foot of light powder everywhere. The Park looked incredible, it didn’t look like the famous park in the middle of the city, instead it looked like a perfect little ski village you may find in Europe somewhere with gas lamp like lights and tiny pathways that intertwined through the park’s walkways, snowy streams and iconic monuments. It was definitely one for the books, and an opportunity for shredders to ride on a historic day and hit lines in NY that haven’t been an option, well, since the 18th century.

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