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High Cascade Session 6 2014 Video



Snowboarding News | Thursday August 21, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

It’s the final edit of the summer from High Cascade. This one is a wild ride from the masterminds of the HCSC film crew, so take a breather from your day, press play, and enjoy.

Featuring Max Warbington, Blake Paul, Max Tokunaga, Mike Swearingen, Scott Stevens, Justin Keniston, Scott Blum, Christian Buling, Mike Rav, Gus Warbington, Mike Wainhouse, Nick Dirks, Jay Haygert, Jeffy Gabrick, Benny Milam, Andy Glader, Jake Lucjak, Will Lavigne, Roobs, Pat Bridges, Oliver Dixon, Brett Wilkinson, Alex Lopez, Jack Dawe, Kai Ujejski, Dillon Ojo, Dan “Vinny” Vinzant, Dylan Trewin, Braedon Wheeler, Colton Morgan, Mark Goodall, Miles Fallon, Matteo Soltane, Cole Linzmeyer, Chris Grenier, Spencer Schubert, Aaron Kiser, Ryan Paul, and Kevin Maples.

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