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High Cascade Session 5 2014 Video



Snowboarding News | Wednesday August 06, 2014 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

High Cascade filled up with the goods during the past week at Mt. Hood and have delivered them in quite possibly one of this year’s HCSC video crew’s best session edits to date. Ease into mellow summer vibes in the Session 5 video with with Alex Lopez, and Scott Blum, and then turn up the volume with Max Warbington, Oliver Dixon, Alex Cato, Colton Maddy, Danika Duffy, Christian Sparks, Jack Harris, Brett Wilkinson, John “Mamba” McDonald, Jacob Krugmire, Ben Ferguson, Shane Ruprecht, Kevin Maples, Christian Hobush, Ayumo Hirano, Matty B., Johnny O’Connor, Nick Dirks, and Spencer Schubert. We realize we’ve crossed metaphors on this description, but the bottom line is, this video contains a heavy dose of summer heat.

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