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High Cascade Presents The Summer Snowboard Movie Part 5



Snowboarding News | Monday May 11, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

Presenting part 5 of The Summer Snowboard Movie from High Cascade. Just in time, too, because it’s the second week of May and that means Session 1 at HCSC is just over a month away. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of snow on Timberline in the HCSC lane and there’s still time to sign up for a session. So sit back and enjoy part 5 of The Summer Snowboard Movie and then check out the 2015 summer camp dates and prices.

The music is about the only mellow thing in part 5 of The Summer Snowboard Movie, because holy cow, this one is a heater! The tricks, the slams, and the destruction of a Sony Playstation (RIP) in the High Cascade park last summer were anything but mellow! Watch as the HCSC staff, campers, and Signature Session™ Pros bring their own special recipe to our private park and have HCSC’s A/V squad put it all together to bring to you a visual potluck that you do not want to miss!

Featuring Max Warbington, Christian Sparks, Dillon Ojo, Nick Doucette, a Sony Playstation, Gus Warbington, Griffin Seibert, Benny Milam, Danika Duffy, Kevin Maples, Oliver Dixon, Vinny, and Roobs.

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