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High Cascade Presents The Summer Snowboard Movie



Snowboarding News | Thursday March 26, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

High Cascade Snowboard Camp proudly presents The Summer Snowboard Movie: An Exercise in Sun, Slush, and Style. The summer of 2014 was one for the record books and High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s talented video staff were there to document every move. Get a glimpse into the on-hill experience as HCSC’s Signature Session™ Pros, Authorized Awesome™ staff, amazing campers, and others get creative in the HCSC parks.

Featuring Ben Ferguson, Scott Stevens, Mike Ravelson, Max Warbington, Nils Mindnich, Sage Kotsenburg, Ayumu Hirano, JD Dennis, Red Gerard, Justin Fronius, Ben Bilodeau, Jack Dawe, Louie Vito, Green Bean, Big Jerm, Blake Paul, Aidan Jelveh, Scott Blum, Alex Lopez, Jesse Gouveia, Johnny O’Connor, Johnny Brady, Jaeger Bailey, Roobs, Cole Navin, Castro, Gus Warbington, Jack Harris, Christian Sparks, Dillon Ojo, Ralph Kucharek, Mark Wilson, Tommy Gesme, Ted Borland, Brett Wilkinson, Jed Anderson, Alex Cato, Max Tokunaga, Jake Kuzyk, Spencer Schubert, Sammy Spiteri, Will Lavigne, Brandon Hobush, Frank April, Christian Hobush, Nick Doucette, Griffin Siebert, Danika Duffy, Kevin Maples, Dan Vinzant, Oliver Dixon, Zak Hale, Mike Schubert, Miles Fallon, Parker Szumowski, Nick Dirks and many, many more.

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