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High Cascade Presents The Summer Movie Part 4



Snowboarding News | Monday May 04, 2015 | Shared By: Snowboarder Mag

It’s the first week of May and that’s when it really sets in. Local lifts are closed and your snowboard is starting to collect dust in the corner. You wake up to the sounds of a ratchet being cranked down, only to find you’re just imagining the pure, pure feeling of getting off a tow rope, strapping in and pointing it downhill. Well, you’re in luck. While the sun keeps getting higher in the sky with each passing spring day, we’re also getting closer to the beginning of summer snowboard camp and High Cascade has got your back until their park is open on the trails of Timberline at Mount Hood, Oregon. Behold, part 4 of The Summer Snowboard Movie. Watching it on repeat will help you get one step closer to making slushy, summer, glacial turns. (The second step is to register for a session at HCSC. So, do that, too.)

From High Cascade:

While Mount Hood may never have been referred to as Peak 15 and is not the highest peak in the world, our surveyors found that the HCSC’s Private Parks actually do contain the highest amounts of summer fun in all the land. It is often said that the snowboarder rides with his guts, his brains, his soul, and his feet and thrives in conditions of sun and slash, like those on Mount Hood. Don’t worry, with all of the air-time in part 4 of The Summer Snowboard Movie, it doesn’t look like any of these campers, Staff members, and Signature Session™ Pros are even the smallest bit deprived of oxygen!

Featuring Brett Wilkinson, Tommy Gesme, Craig, Alex Cato, Sammy Spiteri, Christian Hobush, Will Lavigne, Mike Ravelson, Jake Kuzyk, Vinny, Jack Dawe, Kevin Maples, Jack Harris, Oliver Dixon, Frank April, Max Tokunaga, and others.

Make sure to check out more High Cascade videos (like The Summer Snowboard Movie: Part 1) and while you’re at it, why don’t you check out the 2015 dates and prices!

Read the full High Cascade presents The Summer Movie: Part 4 article on Snowboarder Magazine.

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