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Hana Beamans Ps Webisodes In Silverton Co



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 30, -0001 | Shared By: Vans

Words and photos: Larry Nuñez

Straight from last weekend’s Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom, Hana Beaman headed down to Silverton, Colorado with Burton’s Gabi Viteri to film another of her “P.S.” webisodes featured on Any chance to ride in Silverton must not be missed, so I grabbed photographer Meg Haywood-Sullivan in Denver and we rallied down to link up with the crew. Hana and Gabi spent Friday building a booter on Red Mountain Pass, one of the most scenic (and dangerous) drives in the country, and Saturday turned out to be a perfect, bluebird, winter day to hit a kicker. The girls sent it all morning and we rallied back to town to try and catch the ski joring race on Notorious Blair Street, but just missed it. Determined to see someone pulled by a horse, the girls convinced 13-year old Savannah and her trusty steed Tank to tow them into some urban jibs. [url=]More photos from Day 1[/url].


On Sunday Hana Beaman, Gabi Viteri, “P.S.” Webisodes filmer Ben Bishop, photographer Meg Haywood-Sullivan and I hit the mountain to get in some much needed heli time. It was typical Colorado winter weather, with widely variable light, wind and snow conditions throughout the day, but we were ready to ride regardless. So right off the bat, it was straight into the bird and up to the top. Powder was slashed, Meg snapped a few shots and soon it was time for round 2. [url=]More photos from Day 2[/url].


For our second drop it was up to the top of El Grande, a run I’ve had my eye on for a while. Chunky windblown snow up top gave way to bottomless butter turns down below and there were plenty of smiles once we reached the valley floor. Of course, the runs off the chair can be just as good, and after shimmying down a chute with a rope to find some final stashes of fresh snow, it was into the woods to end the day with a solid tree run. It seems like there is never a shortage of new snow in the San Juans, and right on cue another storm is moving in this week for a full mountain reset. Special thanks to Silverton Mountain for having us and to book your own adventure go to [url=][/url]. [url=]More photos from Day 2[/url].


On Days 3 and 4 the girls headed back up Red Mountain Pass and built a big booter on the side of the road. There are options everywhere on the pass, it’s all just a matter of how high you want to hike. Ben got the footy while Meg snapped some more shots, and me… well I brought up a lawn chair so I could watch the action in comfort. The winds were picking up and the run in was rough, but Hana toughed it out and managed to stomp a few nonetheless. [url=]More photos from Days 3 and 4[/url].


For their final day in Silverton, the girls took it to the streets for some urban shredding. The snow was coming down heavy and the tow-ins were tough, but with some solid stunt driving and the help of a back hoe, we made it happen. Hana found a little ledge to hit and Gabi built a big gap jump, and both girls got some shots for Hana’s “P.S.” Webisode series. Hanging out in Silverton is kinda like going back in time, and it was nice to step off the mountain and rally around town in the sanctity of a snowstorm. Thanks to Hana, Gabi, Ben, and Meg for their hard work all week and check back for the edit in a couple weeks when it drops on [url=]More photos from Day 5. [/url]


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