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Hailey Heads To Sia 2014



Snowboarding News | Tuesday February 11, 2014 | Shared By: Sia Snow Show

By: Hailey Ranconi

February 11, 2014" alt="" width="224" height="300" />Last week I was given the opportunity to go to the SIA (SnowSports Industries America) Show by winning the Bro’d to SIA by TransWorld Business and SIA. Let me say, I am so lucky and fortunate that I got to experience this!

My trip started on Friday traveling through airports. Even with the plane delays, I realized how much I love traveling. Although many people on the flight were worried that our plane was delayed over an hour because our captain was “missing” (yeah, real assuring that we are in good hands right?), I was so excited and in such a good mood that I had no complaints.

I arrived on Friday, just as happy hour started at the SIA Snow Show. After checking into my hotel, then running over to the Colorado Convention Center, I soon was happily overwhelmed by what I walked in on. I had been told that the show was big, but I couldn’t realize how big it was until I actually walked into the center. There was so much to see, so many new products, and so many booths! There were also tons of people having a good time, and I joined right in.

Shortly after, I was stoked to be able to see Matt Jagemann of White Flag Sales Rep for Burton, Anon and Analog get awarded Rep of the Year, and Darkside Snowboards being awarded Shop of the Year! It was great to spread the Vermont love, and kick off my time at the show with good people." alt="jag" width="282" height="282" />

Later that night, I attended TransWorld Snowboarding Rider’s Poll Awards at the Ogden Theater. This was definitely a highlight of my trip and I was super excited to get to experience it- this is an event I have read about and been informed on for years, so being able to be there in person was pretty sick. It was also really awesome to see the level of women’s riding and the level of progression that it has come to over the years in person. Being able to be there as Rookie of the Year was announced, and as prior to it people were debating which person deserves it since all three of the nominees (Christy Prior, Danyale Patterson, Arielle Gold) were killing it, is inspiring for me. Considering how maybe five or ten years ago there was only one standout rider, it shows that women are taking it to the next level and that’s really cool. Danyale Patterson ended up taking the Rookie of the Year Award.

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