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Gone Wild Mt Baker



Snowboarding News | Friday April 12, 2013 | Shared By: Airblaster

Mt. Baker holds a special place within snowboarding’s history. It’s a destination that is on everyone’s mind, whether its for the Legendary Banked Slalom, to hit the infamous road gap or to just go experience a resort that was put on the map by snowboarding’s most legendary riders. Whatever your reasons are for going snowboarding, Mt. Baker is the opportunity to go discover new terrain and have one of the best time in your life snowboarding with your friends. A couple weeks ago, we made the trek to Mt. Baker with Ben Lynch, Tim Eddy, Taylor Carlton, Tucker Andrews and Jackson Fowler. We couldn’t have asked for a better week from the snow gods.

The classic morning routine, wake up, get dressed, Ben cooks his famous “Schmuck Sticky Bacon” then head to the resort and rip!

Ben Lynch catching some hang time!

At Mt. Baker the sun rarely shines, but that doesn’t matter to Taylor Carlton when he’s searching for pow.

We found a sweet popper over this stump! Tim “Dready” Eddy scoping the landing.

Ben snipped the landing on this back three.

The stoke on Tucker and Ben’s face is priceless!

Ben Lynch!

Nothing but smiles with these dudes when riding Baker!

Tucker trying to take flight.

Tim and Tucker always ready for some party pow slashin.

Taylor, Tucker, Tim, Ben, and Jackson kept the party rolling on to the machine gun pillows.

Should we hit it again? All time boarding with your friends. It never stops with these guys! Don’t worry the fun wont stop, we’ll keep you updated with photos while filming for our new video Gone Wild. Check back soon!

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Jackson Fowler, Tucker Andrews, Tim Eddy, Ben Lynch, Ricky Hower, Taylor Carlton, Temple Cummins, and Leanne Pelosi have found all the powder and it's in Washington. In this episode of Gone Wild, the Airblaster crew heads to Mt. Baker to get waist-deep in legendary Northwest snow. These guys are true Powder City locals, so let them be your guides as you live vicariously through their snowboarding, because there's not much better than a pow day with your friends.

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