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Gnu X Pendleton Celebrate 100 Years Of The National Park Service



Snowboarding News | Wednesday November 25, 2015 | Shared By: Gnu

Beauty and Beast (splits too!) feature Pendleton Glacier and Rainier National Parks’ graphics to commemorate 100 years of Service!" alt="Blake Paul with GNU Beast Snowboard" width="640" height="474" />

Blake Paul with his GNU Beast Snowboard

Designed with quality days on the mountain in mind, The hers and his, C3 Beauty and Beast snowboards are ready for anything in the wild. In collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills, the Beast and Beauty commemorate 100 years of service, featuring graphics of the Glacier and Rainier National Parks appearing across their National Parks Collection!" alt="Barrett Christy riding her GNU Beauty Snowboard" width="640" height="640" />

Barrett Christy slashing pow on her GNU Beauty Snowboard

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